Friday, 23 December 2011

Shahrukh Khan to Patna for DON 2

A lot of fans were outraged when Shahrukh Khan’s visit to Patna on December 13 was cancelled due to security reasons. To assuage them, Shahrukh had promised them a visit on a later date. He’s fulfilling that promise now.
The earlier gig to promote Don 2 in Patna was cancelled at the last minute because of ‘communication gap’ and ‘misunderstanding’ between the organizers and the administration of Bihar. Shahrukh Khan had expressed his regret and said that he had even honed up his ‘Bihari accent’ for the visit.
But more than SRK’s regret, the fans of the superstar were furious and even vented their anger through stone pelting.
On Thursday, Shahrukh Khan is keeping the promise he made to Patna with a visit to the city. This time, a proper bandobast is done and the organizers have taken the requisite permission from the state administration.
Director Farhan Akhtar, who is accompanying Shahrukh on the visit, tweeted before leaving for the city: “We're off to Patna in the morning.. So good night all.. Will catch up on all your feedback tmrw, so keep it coming.. Peace out” 

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